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Retrofitting of an unfinished residential building into office space
Chemsafe S.r.l.
Archisbang (Marco Giai Via, Silvia Minutolo, Alberto Perino) 
Structures _Ing. Sergio Vighetto, MEP _Ing. Arnoni, _Ing. Castagna
Perino Costruzioni S.r.l.
600 m²
Aldo Amoretti

Second instance of fruitful collaboration between the client and Archisbang studio, the project involves the completion and conversion of an unfinished single-family villa acquired "as is" through a bankruptcy auction. The building is located in Quagliuzzo (TO), in close proximity to the Chemsafe Head Quarter, previously renovated by the Turin-based studio in 2015.

The project reinterprets the unfinished state in which the building had lingered for years as a key interpretative element for the renewal proposal: raw materials and sparse finishes meet colorful and playful elements, transparencies, and cuts of light, with furnishings in birch plywood and portions of synthetic greenery defining a smart and welcoming work environment. Externally, the volume is wrapped in a metal mesh that encloses the overhang of the large pitched roof, while the walls are clad in exposed insulation panels made of wood fiber and cement. The design of the zinc-coated frames, which enclose the light wood window frames, creates the intended contrast between meticulous detail and raw material. The new under-portico extension volume is a reflective zinc-coated box that contributes to reshaping the building's facade, signaling the presence of its new function.

White-painted perforated block partition walls integrate with the existing concrete frame structure, deliberately left visible.


Portions of walls and ceilings are treated with panels made of mineralized wood fiber and cement, enhancing the acoustic comfort of the spaces. Visible ventilation ducts and surface-mounted switches are among the technical details that evoke an industrial setting, shifting away from a cottage-like impression in favor of the current use of the premises.

On the ground floor, the reception and offices are connected to the other two levels via a central single-ramp staircase: an existing element finished in yellow resin spans from the basement, where the archive, kitchen corner, relaxation area, refreshment zone, and meeting rooms are organized. A new element, a folded corrugated metal ramp supported by chains, serves the attic floor and mezzanine, where informal spaces and executive offices, both open and enclosed, complete the range of spaces available to the company.

The connection with the external environment, a tranquil and pleasant hillside setting, is enhanced by the continuity in the helicopter-finished concrete flooring, the interplay of cladding materials such as wood fiber and cement panels, and the use of external windows also as internal doors. The 50-meter athletic track characterizes the office corridor battery and winds around the house from inside to outside.

In the basement, the meeting room is shielded by metal screens and netting, which mark the access routes and support the overhang of the upper sidewalk.

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