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International design competition for the refurbishment of "Villa Mater" in Rivoli (TO)
Fondazione Ufficio Pio
Archisbang (Silvia Minutolo, Marco Giai Via), Sossio de Vita, Giuseppe Chiariello

Alberto Carbonelli, Matteo Nativo, Alessia Carrettini, landscape_ Tina Damiani, environmental sustainability consultant_ Matteo Rosa Damiani
9.890 mq

The project, awarded with 2nd prize in the International design competition "Abitare Villa Mater" focuses on the recovery and repurposing of the complex "Villa Mater - Riccardo De Angeli" in Rivoli to create a "collaborative residence for longevity," a new dwelling for individuals over 60 who choose to share the passage of time in a stimulating and communal environment.

The Villa is situated within a historic park, which is also undergoing redevelopment and is planned to be opened to the public in the future. The main actions that characterize the project include:

  • opening the park to the community to facilitate interaction with the city through three large entrances leading to three squares, branching into various paths that lead to the Villa and areas dedicated to outdoor activities;

  • constructing a new building on the footprint of one of the existing ruins to accommodate some of the apartments, complementing the restored spaces within the Villa building, and restoring the rustic facing the street;

  • integrating the revitalization of the center into a broad social involvement plan, encompassing both the specific target audience of the center and the city community;

  • The project leverages themes related to mitigating vulnerability and loneliness associated with aging, proposing a new cultural and social hub in the direction of Senior Social Housing. The foundation of the project lies in environmentally sustainable choices, energy efficiency, respect for existing heritage, and the comfort of internal spaces.

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