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Renovation and extensions for residential, commercial, and office use
I.C.P. s.r.l.
Archisbang (Marco Giai Via, Silvia Minutolo, Alberto Perino) 
I.C.P. s.r.l.
550 m²
Fabrizio Carraro

The proposed intervention for the renovation and expansion of an old residential building on the outskirts of the consolidated center of Ivrea takes a provocative stance, responding to the stagnation of a context—namely, the Eporedian context—so marked by the unresolved relationship between its flourishing Olivetti past and a future lacking the same personality: memory or nostalgia?

While the pre-existing structure is neutrally refurbished, maintaining a reserved Piedmontese character, the annex, in stark contrast, materializes as an alien body with a glossy red ceramic skin. This chromatic ribbon, with sharp and nervous movements, reconnects the street line to the set-back building, gaining substance and three-dimensionality in the entrance vestibule, the external staircase, and the second-floor extension, culminating in the protruding "eye," the belvedere of the art gallery housed within.

The aggression of the intervention embodies the metaphorical shout of an emerging studio seeking to distance itself from the banality of solutions—more conventional than traditional—that characterize common local buildings.

It uses the tools of the "society of the spectacle" and the exaggeration of communication with irony.

The disjointed and anonymous context in which the existing building is situated, along with the commercial challenges of the critically located plot wedged between the railway and the busy Via Torino, presents a fitting opportunity for this stance. This approach aligns well with the intent to discover a new strong character for the building, capable of attracting potential "enlightened" buyers in collaboration with the investor.

The attention to detail is the result of a constant effort to find a compromise in introducing updated technology and experimentation into the established practices of the commissioning company. The expansion is constructed using a ventilated facade system with a ceramic finish (deliberately material, "warm," and user-friendly to better suit residential use), while the existing building is completely covered with EPS insulation in a "cappotto" system. These are just some of the measures that ensure, following the intervention, the building falls into the A+ energy class on the national scale.

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