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Country house We Rural
We Life srl
Archisbang (Silvia Minutolo, Marco Giai Via, Eugenio Chironna)
sctructures_ Sergio Vighetto, MEP_  Matteo Rosa Sentinella, landscape_ Cristina Gragnolati

S.A.R.A. di Cotti Armando, LEAPfactory s.r.l.

380 m²

Aldo Amoretti

The redevelopment for hospitality purposes of a portion of a farmhouse within the larger rural complex of Palazzo Valgorrera embodies the client's vision of a welcoming and innovative country house through a delicate yet assertive approach.

Alongside the restoration of the existing residential section with its typical seven-bay Piedmontese roof structure, the design introduces two new structurally independent boxes that float within a hybrid space, enclosed by a polycarbonate skin acting as a filter over the internal courtyard.

The original large open space has historically served as a storage area for farm implements such as silos, tractors, and tanks. The project maintains this transient function without altering the external structure, incorporating "habitation devices" constructed entirely in dry wood, thus easily removable in the future. These structures are finished with natural lime plaster to blend them harmoniously with the earth and surrounding architecture.

The space is organized across two levels: the ground floor features a kitchen and services, while the first floor, accessed via two sculptural iron spiral staircases, houses the new rooms with attached bathrooms.

A technical room and fireplace further punctuate the expansive, warm space dedicated to living and gathering, directly connected to the two external fronts.

The existing envelope has been restored minimally, showcasing the texture of exposed brickwork and retaining the weathered charm of the roof covering, ensuring continuity with the yet-to-be-restored section of the farmhouse.

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